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My copywriting services will help you drastically improve your customer acquisition process and close more sales. Persuasive copy builds a strong connection with your prospects and turns them into not only customers, but brand evangelists

The easiest way to scale your business.

Before dealing with the “where can I find more customers” question, let’s deal with the invisible enemy of your conversion rate – poor sales copy. You can always get more traffic to your website, but why would you drive traffic to a site that isn’t converting well? Just because you’re getting some customers through your page doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be getting more customers. 

Bad copy is a huge bottleneck for your business. Every day that you leave poor sales copy on your page you’re basically having bad salesmen knock on your customers’ doors. Not only will the customers not buy from you when that door opens, but they might never engage with your company in the future as well.

The two big issues.

Lack of research

Companies that don’t perform research on the customer’s pain points, desired outcomes and most common triggers are playing a guessing game with the customer motivations. It’s a great way to lose money. 

Poor sales copy

The companies sometimes conduct a detailed research. Yet, I can’t believe how poor the quality of the resulting copy is. The copywriters simply failed to translate that research into copy that actually sells.

The most important aspect of your marketing.

Sales copy is used at every stage of the funnel. From ad copy, sales pages, video sales letters, to email sequences. Not only is it used, it is by far the most important piece of the customer acquisition puzzle. The copy comes first and only then is the design crafted to support the readability of the sales copy and to make the user experience as smooth as possible.


Who am I?

My name is Dan Kerchum and I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs grow ultra-successful businesses. Since I was 19, I’ve been helping businesses just like yours, create millions of dollars in extra revenue. I started off in sales. So when I wrote my first piece of sales copy years ago, I didn’t write to look at my copy and “stand in awe” because I liked it. I wrote to get prospects to buy. 

Six years, dozens of long-term clients and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing later and I’m even more convinced that most “marketing gurus” are doing it wrong. Writing complex, company-centered copy and building outdated marketing strategies. Then everyone’s shocked that the campaigns aren’t converting. 

I can help you by designing a marketing system that makes you money.. and by crafting persuasive copy that turns online strangers into your brand evangelists. Book a consultation to get started now.

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Why it works.

Proven Strategy

Copywriting is a crucial part of a much larger project. We start the copywriting process by defining a desired outcome and reverse engineering our path to success. 

Scientific Approach

Unlike many other copywriters, I don’t “wing” the copy. Research is at the center of my approach and the copy is crafted with scientific procedures that convert strangers into loyal customers.

Persuasive Writing

My copy is crafted using principles of persuasion. Even though the creative process is a natural part of my writing, psychology of persuasion strongly influences my work. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer full-day consulting in person?

Sure, just email me at - the price depends on your needs and the number of days you book. Travel and accomodation expenses are charged separately.

Do you offer any other services?

Besides copywriting & consulting, I also offer speaking engagements. Message me at for details.

Where are you located?

I split my time between London, UK and Zagreb, Croatia. In-person consulting sessions are available in both cities.

How do I start working with you?

You can either book a consultation on this page or email me at and I'll reply back ASAP.

Can you build my website?

I can help you with UX suggestions and useful tools you can use, but I don't offer website-building services.

Can you review my copy?

Sure, send your sales copy to and I'll reply back with an invoice and ETA for the sales copy audit.